Owner: Helen Banda Bain

Business: Banda Business Services creates and maintains online profiles for businesses, brands and individuals

SBU Region: Durban

Email: /

Contact: 079 997 7263

Website: and

Time at Shanduka Black Umbrellas: November 2012 to 2014.

Helen Banda Bain’s company, Banda Business Services, started in 2012 and creates and maintains online profiles for businesses, brands and individuals. This begins with custom designed WordPress, Drupal and Joomla websites, hosting and maintaining the site and then using all online social networks to promote websites and sell advertising space. Bain proudly calls herself “the online guru”. This 33-year old qualified fitness instructor studied at Intec College but is self-taught when it comes to business.
“I downloaded free software and tried to design a site. From there my interest grew and I spent many days researching online marketing. The more passionate I became the more I was driven to make an impact in developing businesses.”
Bain joined Shanduka’s pre-incubation in December 2012 and continued with full incubation in March 2014.
“A friend advised me to join and I attended the orientation, I was impressed and knew that I had to join. The benefits are huge. It has given me guidance, direction, stability, focus on my core business, a sound financial understanding … the list really goes on. I am blessed and my business is growing rapidly. I have already employed one person and plan to expand next year.”
So where does she see her business going? “My plans are huge. It is vital to grow my content website and sell advertising space. I am addicted to my business and my team will be my pride. I am very driven and am not afraid to step out and set myself apart from the pack.”

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