Mooinooi Success Story: Montamaisa Bosigo Transport

When William Mokgethi, the Director of Montamaisa Bosigo Transport (MBT) joined the Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SBU) programme, his business was focused solely on public transportation (taxis). Under the training programme of the incubator he was capacitated into seeing the ‘bigger picture’ of business. This motivated him to diversify his business portfolio and widen his customer base to enhance sustainability. During this period, the SBU Mooinooi incubator gave the company a one year contract for the transportation of staff members and clients, which was later renewed in 2016. Through the motivation of the incubator, William conducted market research to understand his potential customers better and then branded his company vehicles to improve visibility. All his efforts paid off as Montsamaisa Bosigo Transport acquired a contract with GTSM, facilitated by SBU-Mooinooi in 2016. The contract is for the provision of courier services to GTSM. MBT couriers  packages and machines for GTSM from Lonmin, for repairs and/or for collection of new ones after being purchased. Speaking on this progress, William confirms that such developments have built the company’s confidence and they are currently approaching more companies with this product with the main aim of reducing their transportation costs. The growth of the company will be seen in the following quarters.

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