Collaboration: A Key To Success with Lonmin

Our collaboration with Lonmin in Mooinooi has been achieving remarkable results for small businesses based in this mining-focused region.

In an area that has been plagued by unemployment and a lack of entrepreneurial success, Lonmin stepped in to become the anchor supporter of a new Shanduka Black Umbrellas incubator in Mooinooi

This collaboration has successfully supported over 50 local small businesses and been instrumental in creating hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs in a region plagued by hardship. Incredibly, after less than two years of operation, the Mooinooi incubator was named “Incubator of the Year” at our 2015 Enterprise Development Awards. This achievement recognises its excellence and success in supporting SMMEs on their journey to becoming sustainable and profitable employers.

Read more about our collaboration with Lonmin and its remarkable successes, here.

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