Recycle 1st – saving the environment whilst making a profit

How can any business save the environment whilst making a profit at the same time? We caught up with Recycle 1st, a company that joined the Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SBU) programme in July 2016. Anthea Fransman’s dream was spurred on when she discovered that there was no one collecting recycling from homes in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. She established Recycle 1st which presented her with an opportunity to go on an entrepreneurial journey with a brand promise to deliver a greener future for all.

When she finally made a decision that she wants to see business growth being injected in her company, her automatic choice was to contact SBU. She knew that enrolling into the SBU programme would afford her the much needed mentorship, knowledge and business development to grow her business. Anthea’s sheer determination and focus led her to being one of the few small businesses that were further selected for the SBU/Sanlam programme.

Over the past year Recycle 1st, has delivered a healthy turnover and good job creation. From one person’s dream of saving the environment and starting a small business, today Recycle 1st employs 25 people. “Shanduka Black Umbrellas has opened my eyes to the need to constantly monitor the performance of my business and to develop my leadership ability. They have also shown me that I can take greater risks,” says Fransman. From serving residential areas, the company has now increased its revenue streams to include businesses and apartment complexes.

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