Providing Innovative ITC Solutions with Shanduka Black Umbrellas

Samnect is an Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Company owned by Neil Samson. Samnect strives to provide unprecedented solutions in different domains such as social media development and management, digital marketing, e-education solutions, integrated campaigns, digital and ICT consulting.

Since joining Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SBU) in March 2016 Samnect has partnered with The Innovator Trust, a company created to support the growth of small, black-owned ICT businesses in South Africa. Within a short space of time Samnect successfully concluded a partnership agreement with B.O.E (Pty) Ltd. The partnership entails the building and development of digital products. Through this partnership Samnect has launched an online marketplace for goods and services for everyday conscious consumers who want to support 100% black- owned businesses. Samnect also has a contract with National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), to provide business solutions to youth-owned businesses.

Neil believes the support he gets from SBU has been instrumental in his company’s success. SBU also encourages its clients to be socially responsible

Neil shares the same sentiment: “It is our responsibility to empower people through ICT’s. Which is why this project was perfectly suited for Samnect from a social-economic stand point”.

Neil is looking forward to making more exciting connections that will support black owned businesses through ICT.


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