Annual Report 2015: Shanduka Black Umbrellas goes from strength to strength

The release of our Annual Report takes centre stage in October, as we report on our performance and activities for the financial year that ended 30 June 2015.  As you will experience, the theme that runs like a golden thread through this report is evidenced by words and phrases that emphasise “change” and “international award winning organisation”.

As the Chairperson of the Shanduka Foundation, Cyril Ramaphosa said in his introduction to our Annual Report, “Shanduka Black Umbrellas has earned its position as one of South Africa’s leading enterprise and supplier development initiatives. Its contribution to the development of black small business is recognised at home and abroad.” This sums up the year in review that forms the basis of this issue.

As you read about our activities over the past financial year and learn more about the clients, mentors and donors who make our work possible, we hope that the significant impact of the life changing, job creating and poverty alleviation work we do becomes evident.

We are proud to present this report to you – our primary stakeholders.

Download it here.

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