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If you have a passion, an idea and a business plan, and the perseverance to make it happen, apply to join us as a client today.

Every entrepreneur who has achieved success will have a story to tell of the hard work, commitment, mistakes made and lessons learnt in the process of building their business. Many start-ups don’t make it beyond the first 2 years because of inadequate planning, lack of support, financial or knowledge resources. Here is where Shanduka Black Umbrellas offers an incredible platform through which to develop a business from its start-up phase to full independence. Because the programme addresses the multidimensional components required to develop an emerging business into a sustainable one, entrepreneurs are 100% supported on their business journey, giving them the leverage to success. If you are an entrepreneur with a business enterprise at its start-up phase and the passion to succeed, then join us and derive all the benefits of the Shanduka Black Umbrellas programme – including access to markets, networks and finance.

If it wasn’t for Shanduka Black Umbrellas, we wouldn’t be here now. It gave us a lot of skills in running the business and it has really empowered us. We are three and a half years in business now, because of Shanduka Black Umbrellas, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think we would be here.

Charlotte Tshabalala, Client, Nkamulo Technologies

The one thing I like about having this business is that I’m able to give a better future to my child who’s 3 years old, and my wife as well, who is going to be earning a salary for helping me. So I am able to sustain my family in the long-term; to help my brothers with their studies. Now there’s no limit to my salary.

Nadeem Hoosain, Client, MD of Duco Industrial

Programme Benefits

Emerging businesses are supported with the infrastructure, mentorship and collaboration to assist their transition from incubation to viable, independent businesses.

For committed, hardworking and dedicated entrepreneurs, this multi-tiered business support is an important catalyst in enterprise development.

The benefits of the programme are:

  • Office space;
  • Computers, printers, internet access and e-mail;
  • Business software and a database of business tools;
  • Telephone and reception services;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Drivers and vehicles;
  • Mentorship program;
  • Networking with businesses;
  • Marketing;
  • Programme Business Training Courses;
  • Inclusion in the supplier directory made available to corporate companies for business opportunities.


The panel of experts is comprised of industry specialists across various sectors that are called on to address specific issues relating to a client as/when it arises. They may also be requested to facilitate workshops.

The Costs associated with the programme are:

For a nominal (subsidised) monthly fee, which varies according to the stage of the business incubation programme, emerging businesses will have access to critical services to bolster their opportunities in the market.

Shanduka Black Umbrellas is registered as a not for profit Section 21 company and complies with all laws that govern such an organisation.