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It is only through collective collaboration and action that an economically prosperous nation is possible. Together we can activate a new economic and social order for all South Africans. Our donors help make the work we do at Shanduka Black Umbrellas possible.

Shanduka Black Umbrellas has and is currently contributing to the growth and development of entrepreneurs, of the young people of South Africa, and as part of the workgroup we believe that one should promote growth and especially entrepreneurship

Praven Veera, Donor, Action Bolt

DonorContact Name
Action Bolt (Pty) LtdVeera Praven
Agama Energy (Pty) LtdMunnik Mike
Air Treatment Engineering and Maintenance CCTrish Molyneaux
Ampy Investments 46 ccMichele Lindner
Aurecon RSA (Pty) LtdMalinga Tutu
Brianbon Panel Beaters t/a Classic Panel BeatersDawn Bonandrini
Camdekon Engineering CCCampbell Henry
Cathexis Africa (Pty) LtdMaharaj Manesh
Deshelf 26 CC t/a Lighthouse ConstructionVan Heerden Milly
D.V.Signs t/a SigntificJohan Niemandt
Hansen Land SurveyorHansen Jenny
Impact Plus Trading 392 ccLombard Charne
Incon Health CCCrous Christo
Inkulu Tyres CCClare Schwulst
Intaka Omlilo ConstructionWeakley Findlay
Jobs FundPotgieter Theuns
Labco Civil Engineering Materials Testing Services (Pty) LtdEichbauer Gregory Paul
Marketworks Datamonitor (Pty) LtdWatson Grant
Masterpave cc t/a M.G. Mopp ConstructionAddison Merle
NN Architects CCNduku Ntsindiso
Pilotfish Digital (Pty) LtdCramer Leanne
R.V. Smith ccSmith Gordon
Ramsgate Stationers CCPotts Colin
Shanduka Advisors (Pty) LtdNicol Donné
Symbiotix Guarding Gauteng (Pty) LtdKerry Tavares
Symbiotix Guarding (Pty) LtdKerry Tavares
Tyolumnqa Civils ccEloff Monique
Unicorn Calulo Bunker Services (Pty) LtdDabideen Yuna
Zana Manzi ServicesLuttig Jan