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The energy and enthusiasm of our mentors is an invaluable part of the Shanduka Black Umbrellas programme. Their dedication and generosity in sharing their knowledge and skills is fundamental to the development of emerging black businesses and to the economic prosperity of South Africa.

Meet these special people who contribute their value every day.

What makes me feel positive about black business, is that I think in the early stages it was really centered around BEE, and preferential procurement, but what I see now, there’s a shift and a change in the type of entrepreneur that’s actually surfacing, so you’re getting the intellectual ones now; the guys who know the full business model, and they’re actually coming through with innovation, it’s not the same thing repackaged all over and over again, so that’s an exciting space – innovation, intellect, creativity and I can’t wait to see what’s coming out.

Maandi Milubi, Mentor, Katapult SA

Riyaad SalasaTemo Consulting
Rod StevensKMH Architects
Sa-at AbrahamsKulea Consulting
Daniel AebischerJohnson and Johnson
Hannes GeldenhuysGetSmarter Business Solutions Director
Honore GasaYellowwood
David NansonSlipstream Consulting Pty Ltd
Jason NicolRand Trust
Marios FlourentzouYellowwood ( Creative Director )
Hanns BohleChair Small Business Development
James HarrisonJohnson and Johnson
Lesley LivingstonJohnson And Johnson
Alistair MackayYellowwood ( Content Strategist )
Alan DowieJohnson & Johnson
Cheng BazaleEntrepreneurship transformation
Steven LangleyLima Bean
Chris CalabrettaJohnson ‘n Johnson
Maija De Rijk-UysPWC
Fazeel ChristianTransnet Capital Projects
Charl de BeerEntrepreneur
Justin WatlingPrivate Consultant – Cold Chain Group Africa
Rachel CowanQuirk
Lizelle CoombsBusiness Kits
Pierre FabèEasibility
Karen FourieGCX Africa
Conor McCombHubble Studios
Samantha OlifantEvolution Strategies
Aubrey DaviesISN Managed Services
Sarah RiceBatstones