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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Compiling Annual Financial Statements

Shanduka Black Umbrellas seeks to appoint a service provider to compile the Annual Financial Statements for all its incubators’ clients across the country. We invite all suitably qualified service provide to submit proposals by 23 February 2017 at 17h00. All queries and proposals are to be directed to the Finance Manager, Ahmed Mayat at

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Gefhar Trading & Projects

Business Name: Gefhar Trading & Projects

Reg. No.: 2014/171731/07

Business Address: G 205 Modikoane Section, Modderspruit, 0274

Contact Person: Agnes Stephina Kotsi

Contact Number: 073 1666 619

General Business Description

Gefhar Trading and Projects is passionate about education, the owner is qualified in Early Childhood Development and the other teacher also has a qualification. The owner has ones worked for Kgwanyape Primary School teaching Grade R and also volunteered in the literacy campaign (Khari Gude). Gefhar has now an Early Childhood Development Centre and already it has 22 children and one stays for Aftercare.

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AME Rustenburg

Business Name: AME Rustenburg

Reg. No.: 2009/006372/07

Business Address: 177A Joubert street, Rustenburg,0300

Contact Person: Kagiso Mamogopodi

Contact Number: 060 972 9499

AME logo

General Business Description

  • The AME group of companies currently have 4 operating companies in the North West and Limpopo Province and are the exclusive distributors of Man-Dirk diversified consumable products.
  • AME is a 52% black owned company, where 30% shareholding is owned by a local entrepreneur and the balance of the shares are held by Man-Dirk who are owned by JSE listed Invicta holdings.
  • The business operations started in April 2015 in the Rustenburg/Thabazimbi and Bapong mining areas.

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TST Engineering and Projects (Pty) Ltd

Business Name: TST Engineering and Projects (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No.: 2014/271635/07

Business Address: Plot A162B, Buffelshoek, Mooinooi

Contact Person: Bafana Motheng

Contact Number: 072 264 2473

TST logo

General Business Description

TST ENGINEERING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD (known as TST ENGINEERING) was incorporated in December 2014 by Bafana Motheng to create a 100% black owned company in the mining industry

Bafana Motheng a qualified accountant is a seasonal entrepreneur with a vast experience gained in the mining industry ranging from business development to contract management. TST EENGINEERING is currently operating from PLOT A162B Mooinooi with a site office at Sibanye platinum mine. The company landed its first contract at Sibanye Platinum Mine on a joint venture with a member of the local communities around June 2016. The joint venture currently employs around 161 employees and TST is responsible for the administration and site management. TST ENGINEERING is exploring other opportunities in the mine in line with its range of product and services.

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Ilunga Ntumba Industries Pty Ltd Company Profile

Business Name: Ilunga Ntumba Industries Pty Ltd

Reg. No.: 2015/181547/07

Business Address: Unit 102/102 Harrogate Park, 1237/9 Pretorius Street. Hatfield 0083 Pretoria; South Africa

Contact Person: lunga Ntengu

Contact Number: +27 12 342 5678

Ilunga Ntumba Industries Pty Ltd. Physical Address: Unit 102/102

General Business Description 

INI is a multi-industry commodity, and raw industrial chemicals trading company. We consistently strive to offer better quality, prices and services than all our competitors. We are reliable and available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We take care of your commodity and chemical needs so that you can simply take care of your business.


Ilunga Ntumba Industries is a privately owned commodity and raw industrial chemicals trading company. INI is incorporated in South Africa on the 18th of June 2015. INI is co-owned by Miss Selina Ouma Matlanato and Mr Ilunga Ntumba Ntengu. INI intends to expend its operations across the entire African continent over time. Our Recycling Division produce Gold, Copper, Tin, Silver, and Palladium amongst other metals through recycling of electronic and electrical waste. We also procure these metals from third party producers for trading purposes. All our metals are pure metals thus have a 99.999% purity. This division also provides overall waste management services. We collect, stockpile, sort, sell and recycle the waste depending on the nature of the waste. Our Coal Division trades steam and metallurgical coal. The coal traded is procured from coal mines across South Africa. We are currently setting ourselves up to move into the export market of South African coal. This division is also currently researching and developing a project that will see us set up an underground coal gasification (UCG) unit. Our long term goal is to produce GTL and Electricity from UCG operations. Our Petroleum Division procures, markets and trades diesel, petrol, LPG, paraffin, waxes, oils and lubricants. This division also trades oils, and lubricants that it recycles. We collect used oils and lubricants which we recycle and sell back to our customers. Our Chemicals Division specializes in procurement, marketing and sales of raw industrial chemicals. The chemicals we sell are used in various industries. Our chemicals division is currently carrying out research on acid mine drainage. Our aim is to develop innovative and cost effective means of solving this problem. Our main objective is to solve societal problems using engineering knowledge and scientific acumen. We have, since inception, positioned ourselves to contribute to providing solutions to a set of specific challenges faced by our country. These problems include but are not limited to the following:

  • Acid Mine Drainage;
  •  Unemployment and Shortage of Skills;
  •  Poverty;
  •  Coal shortages and poor quality thereof;
  •  The current Energy Generation crisis;
  •  Mounting Petrol and Gas Prices;
  •  Low commodity prices;
  • Our slow economic growth.

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Nzalo Careers Company Profile

Business Name: Nzalo Careers (Pty.) Ltd.

Reg. No.: 2015/343548/07

Business Address: H102 Harrogate Park, 1237 Pretorius Street, Hatfield, Pretoria

Contact Person: Sedzani Netshitenzhe

Contact Number: 012 751 7411 / 0734818510

Microsoft Word - Nzalo Careers mini Business Profile.docx

General Business Description 

Nzalo Careers is a career guidance company that specializes in career and  leadership development for learners in disadvantaged areas. For learners, we create platforms to access opportunities and guidance from professionals about life after high school. We prepare our learners from root level to become effective managers of their careers. For organizations, we create an opportunity to engage and inform learners and tap into a pool of talent. We do this through educational events, communications and training.

Scope of Work

Since the date of operation (October 2015), Nzalo Careers has a footprint in 6 provinces with intention to grow into all provinces by end of 2016. We have seen over 11000 learners and partnered with over 20 organizations. Our learner training sessions see learners from Grade 8 – 12 either after school, weekend or during school holiday camps.

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Hohepa Communication (Pty) Ltd Company Profile

Business Name: Hohepa Communication (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No.: 2015/223797/07

Business Address: H1237/9 Pretorius str, Harrogate Park, Hatfield, Pretoria

Contact Person: Joe Fortuin

Contact Number: 0079 235 4783

Business Profile - Hohepa Communication Nov 2016

General Business Description 

SHohepa Communication (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Black Owned Telecommunications Services Company, based in Pretoria and specialising in information and telecommunication sector. Hohepa has been operational from October 2015 and the business has grown slowly but steadily over the past year. The business is underpinned with a 3 year maintenance and installation contract with SAAB Grintek Technologies and a 1 year contract for Network Planning, a six month contract with Telkom SA for telephone technical maintenance with an option for extension, open installation contract with Alan Dick and Company as well as Telecorp Global. The projects consists of installations, planning and maintenance work in the Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest and KwaZulu Natal Provinces.

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CB Talent Company Profile

Business Name: CB Talent (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No.: 2014/184036/07

Business Address: Unit 101/102 Harrogate Park, 1237 Pretorius Street, Hatfield

Contact Person: Asanda Gcoyi

Contact Number: 012 326 9196

Microsoft Word - Business Profile CB Talent.doc

General Business Description 

CB TALENT is a talent development company specialising in placement and coaching. We believe professionals, young and mature should be encouraged to play an active role in the continent’s growth potential. We provide the platform for these professionals to be identified as experienced and high potential recruits for companies.

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Isipho Company Profile

Business Name: Isipho Sempilo Trading

Business Address: Catharina Street, La Montagne, Pretoria

Contact Person: Busisiwe and Kabelo Selesho

Contact Number: 012 803 4241 /012 771 3908

Isipho logo

General Business Description

We are a Health and Safety Consulting and Training Firm. We help companies save lives and save millions of Rands by taking care of all their safety needs, so that they can fully focus on their business, their customers and on growing their profits. We offer businesses Safety for Higher Reward that gives a complete feasible and effective level of compliance, Safety Performance Management and Safety Management Strategies. Health and Safety Management Systems, implementation system, applications and tools and accredited relevant Trainings. Environmental management and impact assessment identification.

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