Positive growth in Mooinooi: Kaboyaone Creations is cooking for success.

Kaboyaone Creations is a catering company at Lonmin’s Saffy Shaft Canteen. They offer a wide selection of menu options ranging from brunch, hors d’oeuvres, cocktail receptions, multiple courses and dessert.

Kaboyaone Creations was established in 2014 by Wonder Mosina. Initially he was working as an administrator of the Shanduka Black Umbrella Incubators. On his birthday he brought some platters to work and caught the Mooinooi regional manager’s attention.  The manager was impressed by the quality of the food and wanted to know who the chef was.

The manager discovered that Wonder Mosina, who was just an administrator, is a chef by profession holding a City and Guilds culinary Qualification. A decision was made to offer Wonder Mosina a position in the incubator program. He registered a business, got all the compliance documents and eventually became part of the program. Upon acceptance in full incubation a procurement opportunity came up at Lonmin and Wonder was able to grab it with his two hands.

He said “It was very difficult in the beginning to work at Saffy Shaft because I was operating alone; trying to acclimatize myself with the environment.” Today Wonder is so happy and successful that he has employed 6 employees in the canteen. His business is growing gradually because people in the shaft and surrounding shafts are still getting to know his product offerings.

There are many challenges that Wonder has had to overcome. He knows that it’s imperative to be on time and well-organized, accommodating clients’ needs while meeting the challenge of cooking in unfamiliar territory on an on-going basis. It requires a high degree of culinary expertise as well as a tolerance for working long hours.

According the owner the trainings that are offered by Shanduka Black Umbrellas are helping him to manage his business much better.


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